TIBET HOUSE 2025 – Investing in the Future

Our Mission

“Conscious of the interconnectedness with EVERYTHING, it is a matter of heart for us to strengthen togetherness based on the millennia-old indo-Tibetan treasure of knowledge, which emphasizes self-reflection and compassion.

That is why we render support to its source, the Tibetan culture and community, worldwide. Through modern secular and spiritual programs and activities, in our open house we make indo-Tibetan practical wisdom accessible and usable for everybody.” 

Join us on the road to TIBET HOUSE 2025!

Since the move to the new house in 2017 Tibet House Germany is going through a process of massive changes that will shape its future for years to come.

In the wake of the move in 2017 it became clear that the new scale of the organization and the bigger house required a professionalization of staff and organizational structures, as well as technological modernization. The unexpected, shocking death of our deputy director Phuntsok Tsering though slowed the nascent process down for some time.

Then the beginning of the Corona pandemic in early 2020 irrevocably spurred a new sense of urgency to push ahead with the initiative. In the face of decreasing revenues, we decided – backed by two generous supporters – to accept the challenge head on: The TIBET HOUSE 2025 project was born!

Like many non-profit organizations we have suffered greatly during the two years of the pandemic. The loss of revenues from event fees compared to pre-Corona levels was massive and only partially mitigated by Corona-relief-funds of the government. Amidst these circumstances, we stayed our course and – despite of the hardships of the pandemic – kept on developing Tibet House, making it fit for the future. E.g., by doing so, we were able to offer many of our programs and activities online. An outstanding example are the three teachings on the 60 Verses by Dagyab Kyabgön Rinpoche with up to 500 participants all over the world.

  • TIBET HOUSE 2025 leafletThe TIBET HOUSE 2025 leaflet provides a comprehensive overview of the measures and activities of the project.

Notwithstanding all accomplishments, there is still much to do! Many of the measures to make Tibet House future proof are yet to be finalized.

For the full implementation of the project TIBET HOUSE 2025 we foresee that an additional bridge funding of 250-300.000 EUR is needed over the next two years (as of June 2022). After that we will be able to operate truly sustainably and be financially independent!




Bank details:

Account holder: Tibethaus Deutschland e.V.

Frankfurter Volksbank

IBAN: DE63 5019 0000 6200 0100 76



Our Tokens of Thanks to You




To the first 100 donors with donations above 250 EUR

we will express our gratitude with the book of H.H. the Dalai Lama

„Der neue Appell des Dalai Lama an die Welt: Seid Rebellen des Friedens“.



The donors of the five biggest contributions above 5.000 EUR

until end of August 2022 will receive a copy of H.H.’s definitive work

„Wegweiser für die Welt von heute “ (“Guidance for the World Today”),

edited by Dagyab Kyabgön Rinpoche and published by Tibet House – blessed by him H.H. personally!

Large Donations


Are you interested in supporting the project TIBET HOUSE 2025 with a larger amount and wish to discuss aspects that are particularly important to you?

Please contact our head of fundraising Ms. Judith Fries at fries(at)tibethaus(dot)com

or our director Ms. Elke Hessel at hessel(at)tibethaus(dot)com

We will be glad to inform you personally about the project and discuss how you may get involved.

Many Thanks!